SBP2 Saving as folder w multiple files.

Storyboard Pro 2 is saving as a folder w multiple files on my desktop, instead of just one combined file. I know there’s a setting in the preferences but can’t seem to find it.

Please advise if you’ve dealt with this before. Thank you.

Sound more like the project was moved from a Mac to a Windows computer and back again. Normally there is an _MACOSX hidden folder that comes with the file/folder giving extra info to the finder on how to treat the file/folder.

What you can do is take the earlier version of the file, duplicate it and right-click it to “Show Package Contents”. Next replace the contents with your current project (those multiple files) and finally rename it to what you want.

Or create a new project, open a second Storyboard Pro window of the unpackaged project and copy paste everything into the new project. Note that you can only open one instance of SBP the regular way on Mac. You must open a terminal Window and drop SBP onto it to open a second instance.