SBP Camera Mask Opacity Settings?

I was wondering if it would be possible in a future update (if the feature doesn’t exist already and I just haven’t found it) to be able to adjust the opacity of the Camera Mask overlay in Storyboard Pro. Working with the mask on, which visually limits your canvas to the current camera view, makes it much easier to create a strong composition, because the mask very clearly defines the bounds of said composition. On the other hand, the mask comes with the downside of the user not being able to see the big picture outside of the current camera view, which can be a huge stumbling block when working on a shot with, say, a dramatic camera move. Obviously, we can make the best of things by toggling the camera mask on and off as needed, but being able to reduce the opacity of the camera mask with a slider, or even as an option in the preferences menu, would split the difference and be the best of both worlds. We’d have the benefit of clearly defined boundaries around the camera view, as well as the full view of the infinite canvas beyond the camera view, which is, of course, one of Storyboard Pro’s most essential and useful features.

Attached are a couple before and after mockups I threw together in photoshop to illustrate my point: