SBP 7: Brush strokes do not appear until a second after applying the pen on the tablet

Hi, I am having major issues with drawing in SBP 7 (and also Harmony 20 Premium, but SBP is worse). Every time I begin to draw anything (regardless if I’m using a pen or mouse), the strokes do not appear on the stage until a half-a-second to a second later. It is insanely hard to draw with this issue because when it comes to drawing really small (i.e. eye pupils) or writing, the strokes come out very choppy, stiff and not fluid. This is very irritating because I’ve never had this issue with SBP 6 in the past. I have no clue if there’s something wrong on my end, but I believe it’s an issue with both SBP 7 and Harmony 20. On the other hand, drawing in Photoshop is fine as usual—The strokes instantly appear after drawing and is very smooth. Hoping this issue can be fixed soon! Thank you very much!

I tried:
Rebooting the computer
Updating SBP 7
Duplicating my main screen with my Cintiq
Drawing in a slower pace

I did not try:
Updating GPU drivers (but I doubt the GPU has to do with anything here)


AMD Ryzen 9-3900X
Samsung EVO 950 500 GB M.2 SSD (primary storage)
Samsung EVO 860 2 TB SSD (secondary storage)
Windows 10 x64 (v2004, Build 19041.685)
Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 (using the link plus)