SBP 5.5 VERY long export time

So I’m trying to export my storyboard which is only about a minute long into a quicktime movie and it is taking a really long time…

and according to the task manager it’s using 99% of the cpu and about 1 gb of memory. now the 1 gb seems ok to me but 99% of the cpu? my computer is getting louder so i’m wondering why this is so taking so much time and power?

I have an i7 with 20 gb of ram so it shouldnt take this long, as of right now its been like 5 minutes and its not even a fourth of the way complete

Has anyone experienced unreasonable long export times?

If you’re exporting though Quicktime on Windows,
it’s a 32-bit program and can only access 1.6GB of
your system’s 20GB of RAM under the most ideal of

There may also be something wrong with Quicktime or
there could be issues with the path or security.

Keep in mind that textures and transparency-based
effects take longer to process. Also the resolution
of the project and the movie are a factor.

Thanks for the info! Well it exported just fine, it just took a while so it’s all good.