SBP 20: Editing a Default PDF Export Format (or creating a new one) Causes Program to Crash

Like it says in the title, whenever I attempt to export my project to PDF, I cannot edit the default formats or create a new format, or the program crashes and I have to restart. 2 other people online mentioned that the same thing happens to them. Anyone know any way to fix this? Extremely inconvenient, as I have to turn in work for a class, and the professor wants the format a certain way. Now I have to export as an image sequence and build the storyboard up myself in another program. I’m going to waste so much time because of this glitch.

By the end of November 2020, I have contacted Toon Boom’s tech support to get help on this problem that occurs when exporting a PDF with user settings, (custom settings). Their R&D department confirmed that this is a bug on Storyboard pro 20 and they sent a note thanking me for reporting the bug. While waiting for the update with this bug fixed I’m using storyboard pro 7 if I need to export a PDF file with custom settings. It works fine on Storyboard pro 7.