SB4 - import photo image causes odd pixelation

Storyboard Pro 4
Macbook Pro 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i7
Mac OS 10.6.8 (running in 64 bit)
AMD Radeon HD 6750M

I’m working on a 18" Cintiq, but the problem occurs on both the Cintiq and the laptop monitor.

I’m trying to import photo references. They show up fine in the thumbnail, but in the drawing board they become fragmented/pixelated, as if they are corrupt files (they’re not, as far as Preview and Photoshop is concerned). ALSO, any drawing I do in additional layers laid over the photo fragment after a couple of seconds.

Very strange. Help? This application is worthless for me if it can’t do this simple thing.

Update - The image is fine at 100% or above, but at any lower percentage, it fragments.

If the original photo is deleted, the remaining layers (with the traced drawings) retain the same problem.

Upgrading to 4.1 solved the issue. Whew!

For anyone else who may experience this (although it’s not likely*), the upgrade did not completely fix the problem.

However, turning off “mipmapping” in the preferences did.

Preferences > Advanced > Open GL > make sure that “Enable Mipmapping…” is NOT checked.

  • not likely, because I’m using a 2.5 year old laptop…you’ve probably got something newer.

Thank you, Bainst! I was pulling what little hair I had left out of my head. Your final suggestion (Preferences/Advanced…) worked perfectly.
Now I can see what other problems I come across. Haha