SB2 transform not as good as old one

The transformation handles in SB2 are now very annoying. They were annoying in SB1 but still better.By adding the skew control to the corner selection handle instead of just keeping it in the side handles it is very easy to accidently skew rather than enlarge. When I shift grab the corner I want to scale constrained and that is all. The old behavior was a better user interface design.Also because this new skew behavior has been added to the corner, our hover target zone to get the scale or rotate tool is even harder to find, probably because we have 1/3 less area assigned to the target.It would be nice if the hover zone for these tools was refined since it is one of the most frustrating aspects of SB. It is very easy to lose the rotate, then the object deselects and I have to start over. I would almost rather go back to the rotation handle from 1.0Another problem with the transform is the addition of a handle square at the center. Now it keeps messing with when I want to move the pivot. It was hard enough with the practically invisible pivot and now I have to deal with a pivot and a center selection handle on top of each other.

I’m looking into the Skew issue.

I’ve submitted a feature request to bring back the rotation handle.

Regarding the pivot, perhaps it’s better to reposition the pivot permanently with the Pivot tool, then you don’t have the problem of overlap.