SB1.5 makes me enter license key every time

Every time I launch Storyboard 1.5, it asks me for my name, company, and license key.

I use Storyboard Pro at work and TB Animate at home and I do not have this problem. Anyone know how I can make it remember the information? I’m sick of logging in to this site so I can look up my key.

Perhaps if you run it as administrator, it will be able to write the information to the registry. You should only need to do this once, if this is indeed the problem.

If you know your way around a terminal, try using the sudo command to launch the program. This will permanently allow you to write the info to disk. Otherwise contact support and they will do it for you.

Basically it’s due to restricted permissions, your system is not allowing your current user to write the registration info to disk. Using sudo elevates the user rights to the root user
(it’s a Unix thing - OSX runs on top or Linux which is a flavor of Unix).