SB Pro saving/opening/closing packed files taking aggressively long time

Hey Everyone,

I’m having an issue at my work place. We run PCs here and at my old job, we used Packed files for everything (but on Macs). But in my new job, trying to save or open a packed file can take 8-10 minutes or more. Even jut closing a packed file can take a few minutes. It takes so long, that SB Pro almost crashes and becomes un responsive while it works in the background. THis feels very strange to me, as I’ve never seen this before after using the program for two years now. I’ve tried saving it off a network drive onto my loval hard drive and still it gives me the same response times.

Also having trouble regarding XMLs imports from Premiere but that can be a question for another day.


Please check if the hard drive space is getting low.
Beyond that, if you split the project into two parts,
is it still slow to pack and unpack?

I’m having the same issue.
The hard drive has plenty of room, and I split the project.
All projects I try to open have the same issue.