SB pro onion skin opacity


Is there a way of lowering the opacity on the onion skin? I’m finding it a bit too strong as I usually draw with a grey or light blue colour…the strong red is very distracting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also…is there a way to exclude certain layers from the onion skin?

Hi davidious

If you go to Preferences-Camera and uncheque the Enable Shade in the OnionSkin Lighttable area, the onionskin will not show as red for previous and green for next. It will show as a pale version of previous/next panel in original colors.
If you turn off a layer it will not show in the onion skin. If you turn down opacity it will also show a more pale version in the onionskin.

As far as I know it is not possible to finetune the opacity of the onionskin in TB Storyboard Pro.

Best regards

Alternately, you can go to the preferences and on the “Global UI” tab you can replace the “Onion Skin Colour Before” and the “Onion Skin Colour After” with less saturated colours.