SB Pro Export Doesn't Look Like Program Drawing

Hello! I am having a Storyboard Pro export problem. When I export out as a PDF or bitmap image sequence, my export doesn’t look like my drawings in SB Pro. The colors are not the same and certain effects / opacities of layers are not consistent. Please let me know if anyone can help! Here is an image explaining my problem:

What Storyboard Pro version/build are you using, and OS are you on?

Hello! I am using SB Pro 20.1 on Windows 10

If you create a new test project and make a panel with some drawings and opacities does it export right?

No. Every time I export out of SB Pro the opacities for any blur layer is off. And the colors are slightly off too. In any project. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks so much for your replies!

Sorry I can’t reproduce the issue you are having.
I don’t know if it is a issue with your SBP, or how you created the project. Without being able to see these it is hard to help. If you want you could walk me through on how you setup a panel that has the problem or you can also contact support and see what they say.