SB PRO 3D - will it import Poser or Daz3D files?

Hi. Am looking at SB Pro 3D for live action boarding. As there’s no evaluation copy could you let me know if it will import Poser or Daz 3D files?

Will there be an evaluation copy soon? (hopefully before the 30th!) Thanks.

Can Poser export to FBX? I took a quick look at their site and it seemed like it didn’t, that it only works through Plug-ins for those softwares.

Daz3D does seem to export to FBX, so this should work.

The only thing is though that Poser particularly seems geared towards characters, and there’s no tool that enables soft-surface deformations in SBP 3D. We can move objects around, and we can sub-select meshes in your 3D file, but in the case of the character it’s all one mesh. So we could import a character in, and then reposition it, but you wouldn’t be able to pose the character.

It’s more geared towards doing sets, backgrounds, props, vehicles, in 3D, then using the 2D layers and drawing tools to animate your characters/people.

The trial version should go live next week, we’re working on getting it out as swiftly as we can. :slight_smile: