SB Pro 20.10.02 overall lagging after Mac OS update Sonoma 14.0. Please help!

After I updated my OS to Sonoma, SB Pro operations are generally lagging, especially the brush (delay can be 5 seconds per stroke). Does anyone have this experience?

I also updated this week, though my SBPro just crashes almost immediately upon opening. It sounds like something is buggy between Sonoma 14.0 and SBPro 20.10. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon!

Just commenting to say I am also dealing with drawing lag. I am using SBPro 20 on a Macbook Pro (2019 Intel with Sonoma 14.0) and using my iPad Pro’s sidecar for drawing.

One work around I’ve found is to collapse all windows while I am drawing except for the Canvas/Layers. I think something is bugged with all of the tabs and windows in SBPro that is causing some latency. Of course this messes up my general workflow having to open and close tabs while I’m boarding.

Posting an update in case anyone is finding this thread: I ended up switching to SBPro 22 (the Intel version) and things have been much, much smoother. If you’re able to, I would suggest upgrading to 22 if you are having issues with 20 on MacOS Sonoma or have an Intel Macbook.


Mel from Toon Boom here, I recommend contacting our support team at they might be able to more accurately help you since many factor could be causing the lag, such as hardware, updates and OS.

Hope this helps !