Says License is installed but says there are no licenses

I previously had Toonboom Harmony 14 and Storyboard Pro 5.5 installed on my computer. However due to an issue I had to wipe my computer entirely. I’m trying to reinstall both programs, but the License Wizard keeps giving me a Warning that there is no license for these programs in my account, however it shows a list showing that I have these product licenses in my account. It says that these licenses are already installed. I don’t know how to return the licenses or anything of that nature because this is Student Subscription through my college.

While I have submitted a support ticket, that was last Wednesday and I need this program for my college finals which are currently happening right now.

In the case you weren’t able to return the license, the only option is to contact support, I think.

I have and I have yet to recieve any response despite sending in an email to support a week ago so I wanted to check here if there was any solution just in case. thank you though