Saving versions

Anyone know how to do this?

I only ever see the Save button, not save as so no incremental saving. This means lost boards if I take things out which are later needed. Not sure if I can just copy the file and rename as it creates all that folder structure when you start the file.

Version 1.5 (I know I know, but I’m just trying it out at a friends to see if I can justify the expense. At the moment, post its are looking favourable if this feature isn’t available!)

Thanks in advance.

hi Adam

i have storyboard pro 4 running on an windows 7 pro system

i do see the “save as” option so this version does what you’re looking for.

you can download and use the trial version to take a look.

Mostly I see on Mac with external hard driver that somehow the mount to that external hard driver became idle and not accessible on few locations. This normally is cured by unmount and remount it but losing information can not be recovered. Other often found when the machine is idle for long and system is on sleep by removing cache information from last action before save somehow also wiped out due to sleep mode. I always work on local hard drive and also save before leaving for long. In new version (after 2.0 SP1), there is also auto save feature that might help in case you forgot to save.

I think you’ve got my question confused…

I am not having problems saving but looking for a solution whereby I can save versions of the same file (so it is non-destructive to save). I basically want to option to go back and grab frames or previous sequences if the client back tracks.

Any help on this topic would be appreciated.

Another way to do this is to just copy the project folder to duplicate it using the O.S. (i.e. from outside the software).

Ahh ok it must be present in the new versions then. No such luck in 1.5!


i’m using version 2 trail right now, and while there is a “save as” command, it looks like it creates a whole other file directory. it would be nice if it was treated more like how harmony 10 does it, where it creates a new SBOARD file and references all your current drawings.

Hi Frank,

This is what I was looking for, although copying the whole directory seems to be the only way to prevent destroying the old drawings by accidently editing them.

Maybe duplicating the sboard file and keeping it within the directory would allow you to create new drawings whilst maintaining the old version? Seems a fiddly work around. Anyone able to verify if the save as feature is different in the latest version of Storyboard Pro?