Saving to Flash Drive

My students are using Harmony 15 Essentials. They are trying to save to their flash drives so they can switch computers if needed, but the program will not allow them to save to a flash drive. Any ideas? Thanks!

  1. From within the software save the project to a desktop folder.

  2. Afterwards, from outside the software copy that folder to the flash drive. I use Macs and it has been a long time since I used Windows but I believe the method is the same…drag the folder to the flash drive.

I teach both a Harmony class and Maya. I tell my students to NEVER work from an external flash drive. They should always save to the desktop and work from the desktop. At the end of class drag/drop your folder to the flash drive. Who knows what USB they are using and if it is an old 2.0 or heaven forbid 1.0 then most likely Harmony or Maya will crash for certain. Just a bad habit to promote. If they are on Mac’s like my class, then MacOS has zipping a folder built right into the os. Right click on the folder and select Compress and you are done. For me they hand in their assignments on Canvas and I will only accept a .zip file.