Saving to an earlier version?

Is it possible to save a Harmony 11 project to an earlier version? I am working at a studio and with out-of-house animation assistants that do not have compatible versions of Harmony.


It isn’t clear where you stand in this. If you have Harmony you would see all of the options under Save As. There is nothing that a user can do on their own to make a file backwards compatible. It would have to be an option written in the code offered by the software manufacturer.

FWIW, Animate Pro files can be opened in the same version of Animate (3 in 3) but they are not able to utilize absent features, of course. This is not an obvious option under Save As. If it is documented it is not where I would expect to locate the information. I know of it through an official TB tutorial video.

I would contact Sales. Support may not consider this worthy of their limited time as it is not a technical problem. It is a user question. My experience of Sales is that they will track down an answer they cannot provide on their own.

I think you have two options:

  1. Everybody works with the oldest version of the software


  1. You device a pipeline in which a team with the older versions send the projects to be finished by the team with the most recent version (v.g. Rigging and/or Animation (Har 9, Har 10) > Compositing/Render (Har 11)).

If you have the need to transfer projects both ways the best is probably to work with older versions (your license of Har 11 should be valid with older versions).

I suppose you can ask Toon Boom to convert files but that might not be practical during production. They would probably make you a good offer to upgrade instead.

A “save as older version” feature would be nice indeed. But in some cases in which you’d have to convert to an older version it would probably be more practical anyway to use the older version ab initio.

But I might be wrong in something, of course.

Yeah, cool. So where do I get the older version from? Thin air?

Subscribe to the Gold support plan which includes access to earlier versions of software.

Of course, if you started using Harmony with a certain version you don’t have the older installers. A license should allow you to use previous versions, but now I’m not sure if they specific that limitation, or lack of it, on your license, that is, if you bought Harmony in version 9 or 10 and upgrade to 12, your 12 license will work with all the previous ones, but if you bought 12 without upgrading it will not work even if you get an installer without having a new license…?

In the case of the original poster scenario, if you’re working with people with older versions you can ask them for the installer. If the license doesn’t allow it there’s no other option but to discuss possible scenarios with Toon Boom.

Luis Canau