Saving template changes to the library

Now that I’m starting to use the cut-out puppets, I’m using the library a lot more. When I make a change to the template in the library, I’m deleting the version currently there and then dragging the new version in. Is there a better/different/preferred way of doing this?

Mac OS X 10.6 + TBS5 + FCE4

Hi Mike.
The basic way: If you wants make changes in a current template stored in the library normally right-click on the library window and select edit template. The view that opens is not a scene view (no one scene is checked in the scene manager). You can make the changes into the template and next Return to scene in the same menu way. After this, drag the modified template into the scene timeline and work normally. The template changes are saved when you save your project.
Also, you can store different versions of the template in order to reuse it as master template of a caracter rigged for example, with the necesary cells that make possible turn poses or lip synch and reduce contents showing a unique cell per layer, or you can store any complete action or part of them. If the previous template version had been turned obsolete you can delete it from the library. You can store the complete scene if you wish. I hope that have been able to interpret your question. Yoryo

Thanks for the reply. That sounds exactly like what I was looking for.