Saving my project doesn't save everything in it

When I save a project the following variables are not being saved:

  • cut tool vector tip style (e.g. I always have to set mine to rounded every time I open up a project because it always defaults to straight edge. Never saves it.)
  • time line loop start and end positions (never saves my settings. I always have to set it up every time I open my project. total fail.)
  • art work layer (opening my project it always defaults to line art layer but I always save it with underlay layer activated. unbelievable.)
  • sometimes the Playback UI does not load in and I have to make it visible even though (once again) I save my project with it visible

I’m (along with many others are) paying for this software and can’t believe it. I come from Adobe products and never have I seen issues like this. Even from freeware. the Toon Boom team better up the ante with basic UX of their product.