Saving My Animation

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I’ve been having difficulty in saving my animation. I have Toon Boom version 4.5 for Windows and for some reason it doesn’t want to save AT ALL!! It keeps on saying "Error while saving animation set. Unable to access file “whateverinameit.tbp…”

FYI: It is NOT a hard drive space issue. I have over 200 GB of free space.
2. It is NOT a permissions issue. I’m logged as root.
3. It has nothing to do with the default folder for the libraries in preferences.

Is there something I can do?


Make sure that there is no special characters in the path to the project file. The error you are getting may happen if some non-unicode or any special characters are in the file path.

Other then that make sure that you are saving on a local drive, if possible try to save directly at the root of the drive to see if you get better results.

If this still doesn’t work we would need to have the full error message that you are getting (there probably is something after the tbp name) and also the path you are trying to save to.

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I am also getting the same problem. The full error message is as follows:

Error while saving the animation set

Unable to access file test.tbp

Ok, it seems to be the case that I can only SAVE to the admin user file on my C DRIVE (I was previously trying to SAVE in D DRIVE). I can COPY TO and OPEN on any drive of my choice no problem (which is handy for backups etc.) but I can’t then SAVE unless I go back to the original file in the C DRIVE.

I can’t see any way around this and although it’s a tad annoying if like me you want all your files neatly on your D DRIVE it isn’t a huge problem just to back them up on D and keep the ‘working’ files on C.

Hope that helps