Saving my animation so I can email, upload online or use as gif.

Hello :slight_smile:

I have made a few short animations,

but how can i save them

so that they are one file, that will play when I email it, much like a gif. or movie file would?

This would be so helpful, thank you!

if you made them in separate files and want to edit them in one toonboom file you can save each as a template and then drag them into a new scene and put after each other.


Thank you for responding,
i didnt quite word that perfectly.

I am not trying to combine files, I simply want to save my animation, so that I can email it, and upload online and such.
I have tried everything…

thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:

One way you can do this is to export to movie format or bitmap image sequence.
Export to movie format currently requires that Quicktime be installed on the system.

More on exporting:

Only MOV files are supported, and many Windows users do not have QuickTime installed anymore in this day and age. One more issue with QuickTime is that the player is known to have serious security flaws, and QuickTime on Windows is no longer supported by Apple.

This means that if you decide to install QuickTime, you MUST NOT install the player component. Unfortunately this may be too much to ask from the average user.

Oddly enough ToonBoom does not support other movie formats at all. To send you animations as an animated GIF, or a MP4, you will have to either render out an image sequence and convert that to a movie file format, or convert the MOV file to another movie file format.

We can only hope that the TB devs will stop using QuickTime for their limited movie export, and extend the movie export formats with MP4, AVI, and animated GIF support.