saving issue with folders? thought I'd lost it all


I have just loaded up my project and been told that an image is missing and that all further error messages will be suppressed. When I ran the project lots of images were missing and I feared a lot of work was lost.

I’ve managed to get it all together again, I think, by searching old scene folders and template folders and putting all the relevant images in the latest folder.

But why did this happen? it had been saving fine before. All I changed was the location of the saving, in another, deeper, folder.

I want to make sure I save correctly, obviously I don’t want this to happen again.


Plus - is there any way to save just the latest file, rather than have all the images copy over each time to new folders?

Hi Dannyo,

Chances are the drawings were not actually in cause but it was actually a corruption in the Toon Boom Studio Project file. The only way I can see there being a problem with image being lost would be if you save on a remote or network drive and some data gets lost over the transfer on the external device.

The safest way to save project is on a local drive. Then move the project to any external drive you want to put it on. Also compare the file size of the project structure between your original and copy to be assured that there is no data missing there.

As for saving only the changes this would require a change in the saving routine used by the software.



wow that was quick!
thanks for the advice.