Saving Issue: Cannot write pathname/draw/draw1.tvg

Storyboard Pro 2Windows 7 x64Saving directly to company server running OSX Cannot write [pathname]/draw/draw1.tvgThis issue tends to spring up at the beginning of each new project.I tried a number of things to stop this and sometimes it would go away. I would duplicate the first panel and delete it, rename layers… redraw elements. Then upon reloading there was a 50% chance it would have not saved something on the first panel anyway.I think I found the problem now though. The reason it could never write [pathname]/draw/draw1.tvg was because there was no ‘draw’ folder. I manually created one in the relevant place and then successfully saved immediately after.Hope this helps anyone with the same problem if they happen to be saving to a server that’s temperamental with permissions and stuff.

If at all possible, I’d recommend not saving directly on the server. Especially if it’s already temperamental. It’s best to work locally, then copy the project onto the server, that way you avoid the possibility of corrupting your scene if a save cannot be achieved due to permissions or an interruption in the network.