Saving in Animate Pro

I am currently evaluating Animate Pro PLE with a view to using it in our workplace. The software is absolutely fantastic - all the tools you would logically expect to exist DO EXIST.
My only concern is incremental saves. Tonight I had my first corrupted file that kept closing down each time I re-opened. Luckily I rebooted my computer and the file worked again - thankfully I didn’t lose two days of work. I save every ten minutes when I remember, but I’m very scared that with only one version of a file being saved each time, any corruption could see you losing the all your work. We are predominantly a 3D company, and for our 3D software we use incremental saving and (last resort) autobacks to recover the inevitable crashes.
I have thought of saving a new Toon Boom version regularly, but it seems that you need to save off an entire folder (inc. palettes etc.) if you were to do such a backup, which I haven’t got my head around.
Just wondering what best-practice disaster aversion strategies are employed at the studios, outside of custom scripting solutions (although if anyone has a script to implement for autobackups I would gladly accept!).
Thanks. I think this is pretty important.

There’s a feature request for Autosave and we’re looking into possibly addressing this is future versions.

The best practice in my opinion is to save as often as you can, then save a new version every day or twice a day. You can compress the project file into a .zip file and save it on an external hard drive then you’ll always have access to it. Then you can go back and clean it out once a week or once a month to delete old files that you don’t need.