Saving files in INCREMENTS duplicated folders unnecessarily...

I would like to save different increments to my project just in case one file gets corrupted.

For example,my project filename is Project1.TBP. So I went Save As/ then rename it to “Project2.TBP”.

But how come when I do that, an entire new folder setup, including a duplicated SCENES folder, SOUND folder, TEMPLATES folder got created? That new folder is named Project2.TBP. I have to click INSIDE that folder before I can find my incremented file also named “Project2.TBP”.

All I’m trying to do is to keep ONE FOLDER SETUP with the Scenes, Sounds and Templates folder organized inside that one main folder. Then all the incremented files would go WITHIN that one folder, instead of duplicated folders every time I go Save As/“Incremented version”



If you want a backup in case the project gets corrupted somehow you should accept the duplicate folder because that’s what’s necessary to make a backup of the project. Be aware that the project is the entire project folder structure.

If you want the entire project inside one folder only, create a new folder on your desktop and drop the original TBS project folder and the backup project folder inside it. This way you will have a complete backup of your project and the project (and its backup) will be available from one folder located on your desktop. If you open each version of the project once, they should both be made easily accessible from the “recent files” list of TBS (help avoid having to navigate into two folders to open the project).