Saving Cut-Out Characters

Hi. I recently just got Harmony 12 and I’ve been working on making cut-out characters and I stumbled on the problem of figuring out how to save different characters from different scenes so that I can use them together in a completely different scene for an animation. I’m slightly confused, is this possible?

You put them into a folder in your library. Then you can access them from the library in any of your animations. :slight_smile:

Basically what you need to do is open your library pane. Figure out what folder you want to put it into (you may have to right click and chose “right to modify” to unlock folders.

Then select all the parts of your character. Make sure all of it is highlighted other wise it will just save the individual components. (IE if you have the master peg collapsed and just select the master peg, you’re only saving the peg, and not all the parts!).

Drag it into that folder. Boom. Done!

Then you can close that scene, open another, and drag it into your view window (not the timeline).

If you’re using Harmony Premium make sure you save your character from the node view, not the timeline view. Watch a video on making templates to understand different types of templates.

OH, yes. I should have qualified what I said with the fact that I’m using Harmony Essentials.


Apart from how to save your characters, the template videos also show you how to make action templates to reuse animation on your characters. They are made for Animate/Animate Pro but it’s the same for Harmony.

Alright, :slight_smile: Thank you for the replies and assistance.