Saving charictors in templates

I have created several different bodies that I would like to use on several different charictors. I have completed their faces and have run them through lip synch. Is there a way to attach a charitors head from one project to a body on another? I have been working from cut outs of photos (Terry Gilliam style) and have been thrilled with the results. I thought this might make the process somewhat faster if I didn’t have to create a new body for every charictor.



Hi Markarkark.

Use the library to do this. The library has a few parts to it, and the one at the top is drawings from the project currently open. In the Global Library you can make catalogs (essentially folders) or just put them in the global library itself.

You can drag a single element to the catalog/library, or you can attach multiple objects to a peg so that you can drag a whole pegged set to the library.

Sometimes I’ll peg a whole scene so that I can put it in the library and re-use the layout. Another use is to drag a pegged character to the library, which is what you’re looking to do. You can also drag an element to the library that is the head/mouth set, as individual pieces or as a pegged set.

These can then be dragged from the library to the timeline. What you’ll want to do is have a peg for the head so that you can have multiple copies of the body, then put the different heads in place.

A couple of things to consider:

I hope that helps. And a second (or tenth) opinion from one of the Toon Boom staff or another user will also be of some help.

Thanks Rob so much for your help.

This is my first go around with animation and I am loving it. I am a little lost however. On the library, how do I get my images in and out of the Library, I tried to drag and drop them with no success, then it did work and I have lost my project, sorry to seem so dumb, but I’m stuck.



Rob explained everything already beautifully…
I hope he don’t mind a second version:

Open the Library / to be organized it might be a good idea to create first
either a few new catalogs in your global-folder (like heads/eyes/mouth…)
or create new Library-Folders with Catalogs and name them appropriately.
(control+click your Global-folder and make your choices)

Select a catalog and drag your drawings or images from the exposure-sheet
or the timeline (if you have pegs) into the Library-window. (go to File/Save Global Library).

Every-time you need one of your drawings or elements for your projects
you just open the library and drag them directly into the exposure-sheet or timeline.

Please have a look here under “Build a Template Library”


Create a practice project strictly for the purpose of practicing a few things, so that if the whole thing goes south on you it won’t hurt anything.

Check out the help file on how to use the library–it’s called “Re-using Content”.

Honestly it’s taken me a while to really utilize the library to its fullest, and it is one of the many TBS features that make the program really rock. What you’re talking about is one way to learn this, and to take advantage of this feature.

I recall having struggles similar to what you talk about in putting/pulling to/from the library. In fact, I think it may behave differently depending on which part you’re in.

In the Animation section of the library, which shows content from the current project, you pull things from other scenes from the area below the preview window.

In the Global Library and attached catalogs, the elements appear in the right side of the window.

To drag elements from the library, click and drag by the icon next to it, not the text. To drag from the timeline, first select the library or catalog you want to drag to.
Then drag by the title, not the frames, and put it in the right pane. Alternatively, you can drop it on top of the Global Library icon or a subsequent catalog.

To see something in the preview window, double click the element in the library and it will appear in the preview window. If it contains multiple frames, you can play them.

Stick with it. Animation is a good habit! ;D

Nolan said it much quicker and clearer.

Spot on Nolan! :smiley:

Thank you so much for both of your responses, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.