Saving brushes in animate 2?

Im currently working on a short film which relies on many different thickness of line for face etc. I can’t get my brushes to save? is there a way of doing this? if not why the hell not? ???

mannnn i have no idea why its doing it! ok il take yur word for it that it works and have another go with anew file see if i can get them to save in there :confused: if so do you know if theres away of sharing bushes between files?
btw i dont have animate pro. x

How are you trying to save your brushes? Are you creating new brushes in the Tool Properties view? I just tried this out and it worked for me. I created several brushes by clicking on the pencil with the + on it in my Tool Properties window. I created Brush 7, Brush 8, and Brush 9. I then closed down the app and restarted it and brush 7, Brush 8, and Brush 9 were all still there with their tool properties intact.


The brushes should save across different files - they’re saved in the User Preferences.

If you’re having issues with this then maybe you should contact and they can troubleshoot what’s happening.