Saving Bones

So there it is.I finished adding bones to my character and start animating.i want to use that same character(with the bones) again in another project but without recreating the bones.I want to know if i can save the character along with the bones just like the roboskelentons in the templates.

One way is by selecting and dragging the character’s design element to the Global Library (in the top right pane > ‘Library’ tab > ‘Global’ icon in the hierarchy sub-pane). Make sure you select the main element of your character (bones and skin). And make sure to drop it on the ‘Global’ icon, not the list of library contents.

The above method will save your character’s art and bones, as well as any animations you’ve made. If you don’t want to save the animation, you can just select a single cell from your character’s main/master element in the timeline and drop that to the Global library. Rename the item by double-clicking it and typing over the existing name.

To reuse your rigged character, in a new scene or a new project, go to the Global library and drag the saved item from the list of contents to the drawing area. Use the Sceneplanning’s Select tool to position the character in the scene.

You can even import the same item multiple times in the same scene to create several characters. If needed, you can go into the ‘skin’ layer and change their properties (color, shape, depth, etc.)