Saving A tvg for a color model?

How do I save a color model from one of my previous scenes so I can view it in a new scene? I read the helpfile, it said save the model as a tvg file and import the tvg in the new scene. But the problem is I dont see any option to save as a tvg anywhere.

Also…while im here…anyone know how to copy and paste cells from one cell to another? I selected the scene from scene A, right clicked copy cells from timeline, …went to scene B and right clicked paste cells from timeline. the frames where all there but no images in the frames. Any idea anyone?

Hey Cory,
I don’t know if this is the proper way to do it but it is how I have been doing it with Animate on my Mac.

I have files saved as templates with the .tpl extension. Save your scene as a template then go to your library and right click on your .tpl file then choose open as folder. Then the .tpl file should show up in your Animate Library folder and you can twirl down until you get to the elements folder and then you should see a .tvg for your color model.

thank you for your reply…its COREY btw :slight_smile:

So how exactly do you save as a template? I cant find where this save option is located.

It is in chapter 9, Libraries, Symbols and Templates, page 343.

So, you select the cells and layers of your model/character/whathaveyou from the timeline and drag it to the library. If your library is locked you have to choose the Right To Modify command first. Then after dragging it to the library it will ask you for a name for your template.

Then on page 347 it explains how to select the template and use the Open As Folder command to view the templates contents. You can then view the elements folder where the .tvg files are located. This way you can have a scene you are working on and then go to the library to retrieve just what you need from another scene, drawings, pallettes, etc.

I’ll admit that this was hard for me to pick up on after having read the manual the first time. If you blink you will miss it! At least I did at first.

I wonder why they couldnt just make a save as function under file, would make a life a lot easier. Or a save function in the model window.

Anyone have a clue of how to copy and paste drawings/frames from one scene to another?

Drawings cannot be copied and pasted directly from one file to another. Two ways of doing it would be to make a template of the drawings and drag them back in the second scene, or to import the tvgs directly by doing a File > Import, then browse to the project directory and in the elements folder for that element is where you will find the TVGs.

You don’t actually need to manually save out the TVG for your colour model. You will simply create a scene, and in this scene you create your colour model. When you save this scene, TVGs are saved in the elements directory of the project folder. Now, in your new scene, you can import the colour model from the model view by clicking the contextual menu on the upper-left and selecting “Import”. The you can browse to the TVG in the file structure, similar to the point above, by browsing to the project folder then the element folder and finally selecting the TVG. Note that you must also have imported the palette for this to work.

What might also be useful to you is the “use current drawing” from the model view. If you import a drawing that you want to use as a colour model, you can simply select “use current drawing” and it will now appear in the model view.

Hope this helps.

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thanks Lilly, you saved the day again 8)

I’ve saved and packed a file, how do I get to the directory to create a model folder - so that I can add the drawings to it?