Save Error

I’ve noticed in the Animate Pro PLE on Mac OS X (10.5 & 10.6) that my saved changes will disappear as if never saved. I would normally assume I did something wrong, but it happens, randomly, about 30% of the time. I’ve been trying to complete an entry in the Cartoon Smart contest and have had to entirely restart four scenes because of this. Has anyone else encountered such a problem? Is Toon Boom aware of any such issue?

To clarify my problem, all of the frame data (exposure, names, numbers, movement) was saved, but every drawing was omitted.

One thing you want to check first is the location you are trying to save. Since it is standalone, saving through network, Flash driver or any other portable connection due to lossing information or permission.

If this was what happened, you may have the permission of the modify but not to create a file. But I only assume.

To remove any possible issue, the best way is working local hard drive with full permission (ex, Desktop) and only copy to other location after zip for the backup purpose.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Juho, but I’m saving to my local hard drive when the problem occurs.

Attempting to debug this issue, I’ve determined there is a permission error within the software that may be caused by incompatibility with Mac OS 10.6 and the latest update of 10.5. No other Mac users have made themselves known, so I am left to speculate.

Somebody please answer me, does this problem exist in the full version of Animate or Animate Pro? Is there anyone on the forum using these applications with Mac OS 10.6?

It’s important to note that I have had no such problem with the PLE of Animate on any of the three computers on which I have tested.

It is weird that it does not happen in PLE. Are you trying with the same project? Or does it happen on specific scene? You can copy and paste your scene for back up and try opening and saving the scene with PLE for the test (you can always load back the backed up scene)

If there is any permission issue on sub folders/files, you can use Terminal to force the permission by going to the location where the saved project is and type followings.

sudo chmod –R 777

and your login password (you must be admin account)

If your scene name has a space, you need to add \ before the space so that terminal can skip the space. (ex, saved\ scene\ folder).

Try that