"Save As" ? (option not found )

Hi, I have a basic question:how can I do “Save As” in Storyboard pro?I am doing some changes in a file using storyboard pro on mac, but I can´t find a a basic command “Save As” in the File Menu.Does it exist in Storyboard pro? where it is?thanks a lot :-\

There is no “save as” in the current version of storyboard. What you can do though is browse to your scene in a file browser then copy the folder and rename it. Then when you open Storyboard you can browse to the new filename and open the board from there.

thanks ;D

i can’t believe there’s no SAVE AS in a program like that !!! indeed i think the toon boom programs missed a lot of basic options in their programs !!!

I agree! I want to save multiple versions as I go along, and i have to go such a backwards route to do that.It’s ridiculous.

The reason they originally didn’t allow this as an option was because of the large nature of Storyboard scenes. Saving multiple versions of a storyboard scene could take up a large amount of space on disk.The Toon Boom team has responded to requests and will include this in the next version of Storyboard.