Save As on Animate

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I’m a bit confused with the Save As option on Animate for Mac.

When creating a Scene through the Welcome screen, TBA generates its corresponding folders, then when Saving As another version like scene_01 it won’t let me under the folder in use, there is a message that claims there is a file with the same name, and there is none of course.

So I save the scene in the above directory, and it looks like just one file, no folders no extra things, just one file. This seems to work until I back up the directory and check my CD on a windows machine, turns out that what it looked like one file only are folders.

Makes me wonder if my Saving As way is safe.

Here is a link to the image:

When you do a save as, it should create a whole new folder structure. If you try to do a “save as” and save your scene into the same folder as the first scene, then you should get a popup telling you that you can’t save in that folder because it’s already a scene folder. If then go to the parent folder then type a filename, it should create a folder with the .digital file and all its corresponding image folders inside.

Indeed, it looks like something is going wrong with your save as. When you hit Save As, what exactly do you do after the dialog pops up?

You can’t do a save as without saving the image folders as well.

Yeah its weird, I discovered it when looking at the burned CD on a Windows machine. On the mac shows one file, on Windows is a folder.

I tried it with Save As under the file menu and also with the Save As icon, both do the same here, no options are given to the user.

I basically hit Save As, go to the parent folder and add a _01 to my filename.

Maybe its a preferences thingy?