Save as New Version

Can you clear this up for me? What exactly is the point of this option?

I’ve tried it several times, but always cautiously. This time, I’m apparently tired enough to have changed a character’s body substantially. ‘Save as New Version’ seemed like a nice way of not altering my original (nothing’s a symbol. They’re all drawings.)

Well, you know. Both versions are now changed. Why? Why bothering have a new version if it’s not actually a new version at all.

As far as I know, “Save as New Version” is an Animate Pro feature only…
This will create a new “digital”-file in the current project directory…

Use “Save As” this will create a complete new project directory for the current project…


Thanks, Nolan, but that still leaves me wondering what the point is of having a new digital file in the current project directory. Does it assume that I’m using symbols and have just created a different scene?

‘New version’ should mean a new version. If it means a new scene, using the same assets, unchanged, then perhaps that’s what it should be called. :<br />
I’m not up for testing whether ‘Save As’ will protect the original and let me have a version with drawings changed.

Anyway, I appreciate your reply.

When you do a Save As New Version, it will share the same drawing files, but you can make changes to the timing and changes to any keyframes and that will not change on the original files. However drawings are shared so if you change a drawing it will be changed on all.

If you don’t want the drawings overwritten, do a Save As instead.