Save As in Toon Boom 'standard'?

Hi,Toon Boom ‘standard’ version doesn’t appear to have a ‘Save As…’ command, and I was wondering if this was an oversight or a feature that was removed intentionally to limit the program? It just seems like a strange feature to omit since ‘Save As…’ is such a basic file command found in just about every other program out there. If it was an oversight, I hope it shows up in the next release. :)Anyway, if anybody else needs to work on an ‘alt’ version of their storyboard using the current Storyboard ‘standard’, here’s what I’m doing:Go to the directory where you keep the folder for your current storyboard files and duplicate it. Rename the directory ‘…alt’, ‘…v2’, or whatever you want. Now, go into the directory, and rename the three files inside to match.When you open this file, you should have a second version of your storyboard ready for editing. I’m running on Windows 7, but I assume the workaround would be similar for Mac users.(BTW, I haven’t used the ‘Pro’ version so I’m curious: the ‘Pro’ version does have a ‘Save As…’ command doesn’t it?)G.

Thanks for the info Lilly!I’ll be look forward to the release of version 2 then. :)G.

The Save As command was added for Storyboard Pro 2. Storyboard 2 has not been released yet. The original Storyboard Pro, like Storyboard, did not have a Save As.