Save As Error?

I want to be able to “save as” separate file folders onto my desktop. I just switched computer’s. I used to be able to do this. I cannot remember the settings to fix this issue. It seems to be saving multiple versions within the same folder now. I didn’t want different versions, I wanted different “scenes” (? not sure on the terminology)

Started off with ‘‘Scene: filename_44 Version: filename 44’
I used ‘save as’ and renamed my new file ‘filename_45’
But it appears as ‘Scene: filename_44 Version: filename_45’
I used to it saving as (and want it to be) "Scene: filename_45 Version: filename_45’

I open up folder named ‘filename_44’ it shows both filename_44.xstage and filename_45.xstage

I hope this is a easy fix. Thank you for your time.