sapphire OFX effect builder

Does anybody know how to export an effect from Sapphire OFX Effect Builder and import this into Toon Boom Harmony?

Are you able to export as .PNG sequences? That’s the easiest way to import things in my experience.

Hi heinerL_70394,

  1. The simple fact of having an OpenFX plugin installed on your computer should make the said plugin visible within Harmony, in the Node Library. It will most likely appear in its own category, which could be named GenArts, Sapphire or something similar.

  2. Drag the desired effect in your Node View and head to their Layers Properties to modify them.

  3. Unless a Render Preview node is connected under your OpenFX node, you will have to go to the Render View to visualise them.

Hopefully this helps you out :slight_smile:

i started an ofx thread a while ago, has some very helpful ofx info and i really appreciate toonboom team’s detailed information. it’d be nice to see any updates/reports from ofx plugin users, since that thread went dormant for a while (updates on red giant products, for example. universe would be handy in harmony):