Santa on Holiday

The other day, out of the blue, I met Santa Claus - at one of our local beaches.

A little sunburned, but otherwise in excellent spirits…

Wishing you all the best for 2007 and Happy Holidays.


aww. thank u !

one question in context of animation , how did u animate the title in this beautiful way , did use any other 3rd party tool for this purpose ? thanks

It is all done with “LiveType” my favorite titling application that is included in Final Cut Express.


wow thanks for sharing this info.

i have just check ur web site , u hv some really interesting stuffs their espacially i like all animations but here i am analyzing the difference between those animation clip which have been made by anime studio and those which u have made in studio …like animation of eyes ( eye balls ) i think u did swapping in studio softwae for doing eye ball movements but in anime u did animation , similarly in lip syncing u did swapping in studio and animate lips movement in anime , am i right ? sir !


u always try apple applications :smiley: i dont think they have similar kind of applications for windows operating system s!

i can only serve with my old santa toast from the beginnings of my tbs-activity:

but my wishes for the healthy, calm and reflective xmas days are brand fresh :slight_smile:

wow rob
why dont u try cut out animation ?

because my characters move extremely. thus i have to draw them from many sides and angles which is not very advantageous while making cut outs.

O ic but still i hevn;t seen ur any cutout animation :smiley: