Samsung 700 series late + wacom (works great)


Did anyone purchase this slate, and tried it with ToonBoom Storyboard ?
It is about to be released in Europe (some countries already sell it) but it is out for a while in the US.
I would really like to know if this is a productive device (pressure, speed ect) and if (unlike the Asus slate from the same price range) it runs SBpro ok.

Much thanks,

I’d be interested to know how these function too… I was actually just reading about these before I read your post. We have a board artist working on a tablet PC (Fujitsu Lifebook) which seems like a nice middle point before a computer/Cintiq setup.


Just bought it and it works like a charm.
Like having a huge smartphone with a WACOM pen :slight_smile:

All good, nice speed, pen pressure… I am a happy (and cable free) artist :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pop in some advice - hold off buying the Slate now if you can.

For SBPro the HD3000 Intel graphics chip does NOT support OpenGL rendering, so you cannot enable Anti-Aliasing in Storyboard Pro. There is no way around this. It’ll work but it’s like returning to 1.5.

The other issue is a screen bezel lifting problem at the bottom left, brought on, possibly, by a battery problem. Here’s a link to a forum that discusses the fault -

I personally went through two. Samsung’s customer service was terrible, and my first repair came back with a one millimetre crack down the size between the base and the screen. Not cool.

My advice on tablet PC’s with Wacom digitisers is to hold off for now until there’s more competition. In a years time we should see Ivy Bridge based devices that’ll be better for battery time and for powerful Intel onboard gpu’s.