Sample Wishling Project doesn't export to Unity correctly

The sample Wishling project provided via the Toon Boom Guideline page (Step 2) here:
does not look correct in Unity after export from Harmony.

I load the file in Harmony 14 Premium, I export according to the instructions on the previous mentioned page.

I load Unity 5.1.1

I follow import instructions listed on above mentioned page.

The Wishling character animates, but certain pieces are not in their correct position, and there appears to be some sorting changes as well (some things appear in front of others that should not).

If I can’t get the sample working, I have little hope of getting my rigged character working (which is also having the same problem).

The sample character and my character export out to SWF perfectly.

Any suggestions? Thoughts?


Hello Todd,

Are you using the latest SDK from the asset store?
Upgrading to the last Unity version might also help you.

Yes we are using the latest SDK. We do not have the option to use the latest version of Unity, because our Game currently has multiple systems that have been written for 5.1.1

Also, one of our Engineers made a good point. We downloaded the latest Harmony SDK for Unity and it came with exported samples that work in Unity 5.1.1. So we know that somehow the sample project can be exported to work in Unity 5.1.1. But loading the sample project in Harmony 14 Premium and then exporting to Unity 5.1.1 doesn’t work.

Hello Todd,

As you also opened a ticket with support, we will continue this discussion over there.
This is more technical and it will also be easier to have only one way of communication in order to not loose any messages.

We have a solution. The new SDK we were sent from support works.

On Monday (08/15/2016) I downloaded the latest Harmony SDK from the Unity Store, and that is the version that was giving us all the problems. The Harmony SDK we got from support yesterday (file name has this suffix - installed perfectly and all our exports work in Unity now. For those that are curious, we ran a diff on the two SDK’s and found the dll’s are different file sizes, so we know that the SDK in the store on Monday is not the same as the one we got yesterday.

Problem solved.

We have found a crash bug in Unity, but we’re just getting things up and running, so we’ll hold off until we get more time with it before reaching out for support.