Same sound file used multiple times in one scene - how do you repeat it?

Hi there everyone,

For the life of me, i cannot figure out how to repeat one sound file later in the timeline. I have been importing the same sound again if i want to use it later in the scene. Is there a feature, perhaps in the same screen where you establish on what frame a sound is to occur, that you can also establish a recurrence of the sound file, without having to import it again?

Thanks in advance!

Select the frames of the whole sound-file, or part of it…Either copy, then move the time-slider to the position you want, and paste…(make sure the “focus” stays in the timeline view)Or, with the cursor, drag the selection slightly until you see the “yellow-brownish” square…Either drag that selection to any other position in the timeline…Or, to copy it, hold down the alt/option-key (you should see the plus-sign)… Then drag that selection to any position in the timeline…Drop it, then release the alt/option-key…If necessary, select any part of the sound-file, then hit the delete key…RegardsNolanPS:The artwork of “Julius Snack Time” is extraordinary beautiful…A real pleasure to watch… sadly that it’s so short…

Brilliant! Thank you so very much, that of course makes perfect sense!Also, thanks for the feedback on the short animation. I appreciate that!