Saint Seiya Fanart

Here some fanarts from Saint Seiya. :slight_smile:

Do you ever Animate these?

They are really good, but all I can think it how much it would suck to have to animate the hair lol.

I really also liked the right fist, even though it anatomically wrong, it is really catching. Actually wrong isn’t the right word, maybe not what would happen for most people if they clenched their fist. I actually sat here trying to make the fist the same hahaha.

Hey Raider! :slight_smile:

For some short scenes, you can take a look here:

But i stopped a bit animating now because i really wanted to finetune my style.
So i spend a lot of time now in trying to find a way to compromise speed and quality. This is not a big success uptill now. Iam waaay to slow -___-

Then i will spend time to finetune my way of animating because i am not happy with it. Can be much better…

For beeing honest, i am more scared for th stupid time i spend in coloring than the time i spend in animating (hair). ^^;

Concerning the fist, you are completely right. :))

Here another one :slight_smile:

This is so cool :slight_smile: I love it.

Your drawing are awesome! How long it takes for you to illustrate an image like the one above!

I’m a seiya fan too!

Thx guys! :slight_smile:

I think it took me ± 10 hours work. But i’m sure that a lot of people can make it a lot faster and have the same result.

> 1 hour sketching in TV Paint
> 4 hours inking TB
> 4 coloring TB
>1 hour for background photoshop

I just bought Harmony. I hope it will help me achieve a bit faster the same results but i think the real problem is…me. :)))

Long time i’ve been posting some fanart here . :slight_smile:

Done with TB Harmony + photoshop

Remark: Harmony really rules! It’s just like using Manga Studio (in better!) with the new pencil features.
There seems to be some problems with the brush tool (comparing to Animate Pro).Maybe i do something wrong, but enlarging the contours seems not as optimal as in Animate Pro.;action=display;threadid=4093. :slight_smile:

Here a new one. ;D
(Still the same tools: Harmony + photoshop)
Don B

ohhh love the dragon.

Your work as always amazzzzzzing!

Hello to all.

I will not create a new topic for my fanarts. I prefere to gather them here. ^^ This one is from Ulysses 31.

Same technique as for the other ones.

I found out this time that i didn’t had to work on a super scale size to make an illustration that won’t pixellise when printed. Making a big output (resolution image at 72 dpi x5 ) gives an excellent result.
(i know this sounds logical because it’s vector but i was afraid it would get ulgy if i used a lot of small details)

Should be nice to have an CMYK color option on Tooon Boom.
Would be really cool too if it was possible to show images in the forum :’))

The space station looks amazing!!!

As always i love looking at your art.

Hey Raider!


For the spaceship i used a 3d model that i imported in Photoshop.

I found a nice perspective view and than i redrew the spaceship with my wacom using the 3d object as model. :slight_smile:

hi guys Can I share some of my work ؛-): Hope you like it