Runtime error - Animate Pro - Windows 7 64 Bits

Hello, I have a problem with my installation of Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 (Version 7.9.1 (6016) (2012-09-15).

I can launch the program without any issues and open my projects but when I try to use the timelime I keep getting a C++ runtime error which cause the application to crash. I linked here two pictures of the error that appear on my screen. I would also like to mention that I only have this bug with my current user on my Windows 7 64Bit Platform. I tried creating a new user and i didn’t encounter the issue and I could use the timelime as usual. Just as a side note, my graphic card is a Quadro 4000 with the very latest drivers, in case it could be of any uses. Could anyone please help me fix this problem?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Gabriel,

Can you please contact with this issue ?


Francois Grossin

Hello Francois,

Is there a support in French?


Bien sur!