Run Time Error

Hope someone can advise me. A newcomer, I jumped in the deep end and 4 months later finished a music video 5m30sec long. I cannot export it.

I have just upgraded my computer as I could not export from TBS in any form (been trying for 2 months) The upgrade seemed to have no effect on my export problems. Basically the upgrade consisted of 8Gb RAM, a new graphics card (nVidia Leadtek GEFORCE GTX 680) and change to Windows 7 from Vista. My immediate concern is that TBS is now crashing before I can continue my efforts to export. the error is:

X Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program F…
- pure virtual function call

I would be grateful for any advice.


Although you upgraded your computer it seems the the size and/or complexity of your project is taxing your computer resource or TBS’s capacity.

You can try increasing your virtual memory, that has fixed runtimes before.

Please send an email to us at and mention your TBS version. We can analyze why it is not working for you and find a solution


I thank the Toon Boom tech team for their help. I actually found the Runtime Error myself… as I have recently upgraded to Windows 7… it was a TB6 compatibility issue… resolved by right clicking on the Desktop Icon… Properties…Compatibility… and then selecting Windows 7 from the drop down. So I have my TB6 working again.

I am still hopeful that my exporting issues can be resolved, and the team seems to be putting their best brains to the job. Its good to know that there is support at this level.