Run-away scrolling on V3.5

After several weeks with V3.5 let me say I definately feel this is an improvement and as far as prior stability issues I’ve had… so far the software is performing without incident. However I hold final judgement because I feel even at this stage I havn’t tested how it holds up under large file sizes.

However my issue is not a system problem … but more an ergonomics issue.
And it mainly has to do with erratic scrolling issues as I try to navigate my way around the software. Please envision that when it comes to pure navigation actions I opt to use my mouse as much as possible. Below I explain why.

Issue # 1 : Moving objects from my library to the exposure sheet.
When moving objects from the library to the exposure sheet I find it conveinient to click and drag. However, if you can imagine working with a character of 10 elements and wanting to drag (for example) a “mouth-position” to frame 300 of the appropriate element … I find many times as I’m going to the exposure sheet with the “mouth” the system just starts scrolling erratically. And this is the crux of the issue.

Many times I just drop the “mouth” in any empty cell first …then click and drag it to the required cell/element.

Very tedious and frustrating.

Because many times I have several windows open, properties window, camera window (to see how the “mouth” fits) timeline, and function editor. Now add in the fact that I often not only have the character’s elements visible in the exposure sheet …because often I want to make changes to other elements. So I mave have a few other elements visible.

In my case I may try several hand, eye or mouth positions from the library …and I’m doing this constantly. So it gets very annoying when the system just starts scrooling away.

Even though I realise I can hide the elements in the exposure sheet and still see whats going on in the camera view …I prefer to work with the exposure sheet and always keep several elements visible. And I work with the exposure sheet because the time line takes too much precision to select cells etc. Just my preference.

Issue #2

selecting/de-selecting objects in the exposure sheet

This is a new V3.5 feature …and a very nice feature to have!

But many times when I’m selecting or un-selecting elemnets …each time I do so the system just scrools to the top erratically. As I explained I’m constantly doing this …(hiding and un-hiding elements). Now imagine I have some background elements, plus 3 characters …each consisting of 10 elements. I want to re-select or deselect a few elements from one character and the system jumps to the top …each time I have to again relocate the next element to select or de-select and it gets very tedious. Even when I color code and uniquely label my character elements I find this annoying. I’m looking at 10 continuous element organized and color code …I de-selct element 6…it jumps to the top …I have to sift throuth character 2 and 3 then find go find element 7 to de-select. Very tedious …and in one case I accidently made change to an in-correct element.

I want the system to just stay where I scroll to and I do my check/uncheck from there.

Issue # 3

Drag and drop from exposure sheet to library

Again many times when I grab the element and get the "sheet and “+” sign …the icon turns into a black circle and I know the item will not get transferred. I keep having to move the cursor around …hoping as it flickers between the “+” sign and the black circle I can get it steady to complete the transfer. Many times I have to minimize or close windows to expand the library window.

Again very tedious when your going back and forth.

Issue #4 : increasing or decreasing exposure of drawing object in the exposure sheet.

As I mentioned above I work a lot with the exposure sheet because I’m most comfortable there.

Many times to increase the exposure of a cell I just grab the cell (with the mouse) till I see a double -ended arrow and drag to where I want the exposure to end. I typically do this if I want say a hand to be exposed for…say …ten frames.

When exposing backgrounds objects for example for longer periods (say 100 frames) I typically using my keyboard and key in the number frames.

Now lets say I’m at frame 300 and want to exposure a cell for 7 frames …when I use the mouse to click and drag …the system have a way of jumping up after I realease the cell. I think it watnts to jump back to where the first exposure of the cell is. I find this very annoying because what I want is for it to stay where I end the exposure…because when it jumps …I constantly have to again try to re-gain my bearings of where I’m at.


I work now full time with a Tablet PC and whats essential to realise is that in the tablet mode …I have no physical keyboard…as when using the machine in the “notebook mode”.

In tablet-mode …my main navigation tool is a physical external USB-connected mouse. I could use the Tablet’s Pen but I find the mouse more comfortable and faster than trying to use the tablet’s pen to navigate.

In the tablet-mode I have a minuturize “on screen keyboard”…that I access with my pen or mouse…I use this sparingly because compared to the real thing its like working left handed. And even with a wide-screen tablet …I don’t need another item to clutter the screen.

Despite using a tablet-PC, I find that many of the issues I highlight above would still be an issue even on my desktop machine

Whats the answer? Is there some adjustment I’m not making or this something I have to live with?