Ruby Gloom

Looking at the banner for the ToonBoom “Better Flash Animation” blog, I noticed that one of the characters seem to look like the title character of the series "Ruby Gloom"

I’ve seen a few eps of that show and was the animation for it done with a ToonBoom program?

Yes Ruby Gloom was done at Nelvana with Toon Boom Harmony.


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This might be a silly question…

What is the difference between Harmony and Animate’s animation/graphic capabilities?

I hear a lot of times that X studio used Harmony for X show etc. Are there things that Harmony can do that Animate/Pro can’t (besides the network stuff)?

I know I could never afford Harmony (barely can even get Animate), but it would be nice to know if Animate can do the same things as some of these shows you see.

Animate and Animate Pro use the same drawing tools that Harmony does. So, you could achieve the same look with Animate. However, there are various effects that are only available in Harmony, and also with the network you can really streamline the workflow for large studios.

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Hmmm… sounds like a challenge! 8)