rounded corners for Rectangle Tool option

one thing (possibly the ONLY thing) I miss from Flash is the ability to create a rectangle with rounded corners with ease. In Flash, you can use the arrow keys to add more or less rounded-ness to a rectangle’s corners as you drag…steal that one, please!

Yea I would love this kind of feature. Also equi distant line placement would really help, or some kind of ruler that measures pixels.

I agree. I’m drawing Smartphone now. And this would be much easier.

re rounded corners: has this feature made it to Version 17.0 - or as a newbie am I missing a way by which there a way in which you can recreate this without too much fiddling about?

It’s 2 years after the last reply but this came up for me in a google search.

There is a feature in TB Harmony 20 that will let you do rounded corners for rectangles. It’s called the Pencil Editor. For me, it’s hotkey 8 in Harmony 20.

  • Draw a rectangle
  • Left click in any corner - you should see two red dots
  • Left click on the outermost corner dot - you should see a diagonal line at a 45 degree tangent to the corner. This is the scaling handle for the roundness of the corner.

Hope this helps someone.