Round brush not round + gestural menu appears - Harmony stand alone

I drew a circle and it looks proportional, round. My round brush is a horizontal oval. The oval brush is practically a pancake. I have some experience with aspect ratios, and aspect issues with the display do not seem existent.

My Wacom Intuos3 pen also shows a circle around the curser if I pause for a second at any place in the Harmony workspace. Once the circle shows up, any swipe brings up an extended menu. I’d rather not have this going on. Is this a setting in Harmony, or Windows 8.1?

I’m moving from Animate 2 to Harmony. Plus, I’m struggling with migrating from Mac to Windows 8.1 (for hardware issues). Members of my household have reported the occasional shriek coming from my office. It’s too bad I can’t bring Animate 2 scenes into Harmony solo. I checked previous posts and it looks like this is an old complaint. A migration method would be a VERY NICE THING for new purchasers of Harmony.

i cant say that ive had the same issue with the brush sizes looking strange but i did have a strange issue with the stylus in harmony on win8.1, but only within harmony. it behaved normally in ever other program including Storyboard Pro 4. a fresh install of the wacom driver with new preferences straightened that out for me.

im guessing you have Flicks turned on. turn them off by going into Control Panel and look under Pen and Touch (ir just search for Flicks). uncheck that box under the Flicks tab that says “use flicks ot perform common actions…”. that shit is annoying i agree. turn it off. you can customize a few other options in there too to your liking.

i moved from Animate to Harmony, and I would say that most if not all of my files opened up fine in Harmony, but maybe that isnt the case with Animate Pro2.

Thank you Frank. There were other issues I didn’t mention that maybe this will clear up. As I may have mentioned in an earlier thread: I’m new to Windows in the current era, and as soon as I got my OS backed up on the new machine I updated the OS to 8.1.

It was weird how I could select video cards in a control panel in 8.0, and now it just shows the built in graphics, not the GTX card in any control panel but nVidia’s. Before I could select which card to use on which monitor. However now, if I right click on an app. I can select the card to use for that particular application. I really don’t know what card I’m looking at on screen, actually.

I think some of my portability issues are going from Mac to PC. In the past Irix/Unix, Linux and Mac could all share files, fonts, devices, etc. PC was always the third wheel.