Rough Tweening

Sometimes a get a really rough spacial dispersal between my keyframes. The movement over time is choppy, not smooth like it should be. If I go in and insert a keyframe every other frame, then make very very slight adjustments to the individual keyframes (EXTREMELY time consuming) I can get an even distribution of movement over the frames.

Why does ToonBoom do this? It doesn’t matter how many frames are between the keyframes, or even the frame rate of the project (though lower frame rates show the problem more). I’ve even tried toggling between the different kinds of easing, and it doesn’t help. How to I fix this other than going in and adjusting every other frame?

Are these problems resolved in Animate?

Your segments might be in Constant mode.

In the Preference dialog, there is an option to create constant segments by default. This means that there will be no tweening done. This mode is used for a specific kind of workflow that requires no tweening.

You can change a segment from constant to non-constant in the function editor or with the menu entry: Element > Peg > Set Non Constant Segment.

I have this problem too. Seems like every time I add tweening to a peg thats already tweened, the motion is choppy, moves every other frame etc. Its not a constant/non-constant tween setting thing. its just not moving every frame!

You can look at the velocity curve of your motion in the Function editor. Check to make sure that you do not have any part of the velocity that is horizontal. That would mean that the speed is zero and the peg would not be moving.