Rough to Final drawing

Hello to all,
I am a newbe who is slowly working his way through the Toon Boom Studio 4 QuickStart tutorial. If you have been there you will know that each tutorial contains two files. For example; “Drawing_Rough” and “Drawing_Final”. The rough drawing file contains just what it says. Pix which look remarkably like what I come up with by spending long hours with my Wacom tablet.
Except, of course, my drawings are even rougher. The final drawings are clear, with even lines and good detail. My question is is there a quick and easy way to get from Mydrawing_rough to Mydrawing_final or is it a mater of more time practice and skill?
TIA, Don Finlay

Well, you might like to have a look at these links:;action=display;threadid=2631